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DAY 2 to 5

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So...after the debacle of the first day it had to get better from there, and it has done – only the weather needs to start playing fair now and we’ll be good across the board.

After a rather restful nite at Tillebrook Prov.Pk in Alberta we headed for the border, only to find that my green entry card (that I had been issued when I travelled into Seattle back in 2008) hadn’t been processed on my return and therefore, technically I hadn’t left the States since 2008!  Even though I travelled there in November last year for a 24hr period and, got asked ’20 questions’ at the border on my way in, they didn’t even check that it was expired, nor did they issue me a new one.  Short story – got it issued, paid my $6 (oooooh ‘spensive!) and we headed for Great Falls.

Northern Montana is about as boring as southern Alberta, scenery-wise, and really doesn’t change much until you get south of Great Falls. And, we figure GF must be the casino capital of America, coz nearly every second building had a sign advertising it either was one or had one somewhere inside!  The KOA campgrounds are pretty well set up for all styles of camping from large RVs right down to tenting.  And they had a ‘Kampers Kitchen’ where they have a chef cook either for a BBQ or, as we partook of, a fully cooked breakfast which, I might add was SOOOOPERB!!

The only other downside to the start of this trip is the fact that we picked the July 4th long weekend to start it on – fireworks stalls nearly every 200 metres along the highways!  And not just small stalls, but large trailers, all advertising, “Buy $10 – Get $10 FREE!”  There didn’t seem to be any restrictions on how much you could buy nor, how large the bang was – some of the fireworks going off over the last 2 nites seemed to be those professional jobbies you see at a big show.  So our sleep on the nite in Great Falls, nor our sleep last nite was all the fitful...well mine at least, Allie takes her drugs and is out for bloody ages.  Even “SECURITY!” was around last as a couple of yahoos from a ranch next door were setting them off on their driveway a few metres from the road and only about 30 metres from our trailer – and everybody else’s for that matter.  I think they shut it down about midnite whence I finally fell asleep!

We took all day getting from Great Falls to West Yellowstone, mainly because of the mountains and as it was a lovely day weather-wise, we took advantage of stops and lunch-break in the trailer along the way.  We had to pass one summit of about 7,300 feet on the way and few smaller ones as well.  West Wyoming looks like a small town out of the wild west. Lots of ‘Trading Post’ style stores – very touristy – and extremely busy as it sits about 200yards from one of the entrances to Yellowstone.

We took in a Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Centre and watched some really cool bears and wolves in their surrounds. Quite at neat set up actually, then we headed off into Yellowstone. Obviously it’s drawcard and claim to fame are the geysers however, I didn’t realise how prevalent they were around the park.  Of course we sat with hundreds of others to watch Old Faithful do its thing, and it didn’t disappoint either – they said 4:30 it would go off and only about 5 minutes after the ‘alloted’ time, up it went. All very impressive and lasted for about 5 to 10 minutes.  I reckon it’s all a ruse and they’ve dug tunnels along to the gas seams, tapped it into a large boiler and every 40mins (which is its regular intervals apparently), they throw the valve and let it go.  I need someone to explain to me how mother nature can be that punctual!

The geysers are dotted all over the park in the southern area, which is all we got to see while in there – and we spent about 6 hours in there – the park is huge and warrants camping a few days in there to hike and travel around and see it all. But I have to admit, after seeing all those pictures and reading about Old Faithful, it was really cool to see it in person.  Allie and I were disappointed that we didn’t see Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo tho!

We took in some tea downtown and have settled in for the nite as the rain starts to fall, hoping that it will be dry for when we pack up tomorrow morning. We have an early start as we head for Salt Lake City tomorrow as a stop-over before we get to Bryce Canyon – I think we have just under 600 klicks tomorrow and we`ll take all day again to get there – but it is on I-15, so the going should be good all the way.

It’s now DAY 5 and it had stopped raining by the time we woke.  Was going to add this to the site last nite but KOA’s so-called Wi-Fi is more like Lo-Fi!!  Anymore than about 10 people on it and the whole thing bogs down.

We had a gorgeous day to drive south on and got away about 9:30. About ½ an hour south of West Yellowstone was a place called Bear World...a sanctuary for Bears, Wolves, Moose, Elk etc., etc.  It was one of those drive-through parks and the amount of bears – both grizzly and black bears was staggering – a lot have been rescued, others are there for life but it was fantastic, and bears right up beside your car door. Of course, it was windows and sunroofs closed at all times – that kind of thing.  Definitely  worth the detour and once back on the road we made Salt Lake City by about 4:30. Went from 12 degrees in WY to 30 in Salt Lake City!

Got set up (which only takes about 15mins) and headed for the pool, then a bite to eat and the supermarket for supplies.  After we got back we finally got around to getting the bikes out and giving Morgan her first real ride on her new tricycle. You can buy adult tricycles and we found one a Kijiji (like ebay) not far from our place and picked it up the week before we left – Morgan bought it for herself in fact and she was over the moon the nite I bought it home.  So tonite we pedalled all around the RV Park, over and over before she started to complain of tired legs or sore arms.

We head off tomorrow around the same time and will be into Cannonville, near Bryce Canyon, where we’ll be for the 2 nites before heading off to the Grand Canyon.

Until next we post, stay well, take care and love you all heaps...Greg & Allie & Morgan



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