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DAY 1!!!

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Anyway, just quick update on our first day...and what a start it was.  As u know we had been waiting for the sparer motor for the awning to arrive. Thru all my own work in the end, we found it had arrived in Edmonton on Wednesday evening at the DHL depot but of course it was closed.  Thursday being Canada Day there was no way that they were going to be open either, so I went up there when they opened today at 0700hrs only to find that it was already on the truck for delivery!!

"Deliveries will be done sometime between 8 and 2 this afternoon" the clerk tells me...might as well have said between 8 and sometime next week! So I got I'm to page the driver and I was to meet up with him. This was now about 0745...we wanted to leave at 0800 as we were going straight thru to Great Falls, Montana after having the part installed down in High River. So I arrange to meet this driver on the OTHER side of town at 0815 and after waiting for an hour, he doesn't show!

So I head home expecting that maybe he'll deliver early at the RV place it was originally going to.  I get a call about 9:30 telling me it's finally been delivered. The upshot is we finally got away at 1030! And by the time we have some lunch, a stop for a nap, we get into High River at 3:30  They install the part in half an hour but now it's too late to even think about getting to Great Falls, so we head for a Provincial Park in Alberta and stop for the nite.  The pisser is we had to eat the cost of our campsite at Great Falls because the cancellation was inside 24 hours.

In hindsight the stop-over tonite will be good as I really didn't sleep all that well last nite, stressing over the part getting here in time. So we have a working awning and will be heading into the States tomorrow.

This is most definitely one of those situations were the GM of this dealerships going to get letter. As they say, "write a letter", and this case I most definitely will.

But, we're well, we're now rested and looking forward to new experiences as of tomorrow.

All our love...Greg, Allie & Morgan


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